Grupo Alsur celebrates the end of its bean campaign with 2 million kilos harvested

On Friday 10th May last, Grupo Alsur’s Antequera facilities were immersed in a great festivity to bring to an end what has been a very profitable broad bean season. A total of 2 million kilos of broad beans have been harvested during these two months between the Antequera and Lebrija harvesting areas. This year, the weather has been ideal for the beans, which has meant that this 32nd season has been of great quality.

Although it is true that the weather has played its part in the whole process, the real driving force behind this excellent season has been the more than 60 farmers who have worked hard to bring the Alsur flavour to our customers’ tables.

Let us bear in mind that, in the specific case of baby broad beans, in order to produce one of their jars, around 1 kilo of beans is needed. However, these beans are not all harvested at the same time, but must meet certain standards and be at the exact point of ripeness to be considered suitable. This means that a farm can be harvested up to three times in a year, waiting to capture its best version.

Once in the factory, this is where the magic happens, as only 24 hours pass from the time the field is received until the product is in the bottle with its labelling. In this way, the customer receives a unique, freshly harvested product that retains all the freshness extracted from the plant.

This very special product is the result of the great internal work of all employees who, like a big family, give the best of themselves. From the production staff to the logistics team, they ensure that each bottle arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Their dedication and care in everything they do is essential to maintain the high quality standards expected of this canning company. The photo of this celebration is a clear testimony to the team spirit and unity that defines Grupo Alsur.

This is how they have brought the bean campaign to an end, making it clear that what is special about them, apart from their flavour and texture, is that they reflect all the care and effort that the Alsur family has put into the whole process for more than twenty years.

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