At Grupo Alsur we have three independent facilities:

1 in Spain and 2 in Peru that are prepared and equipped with latest technology, machinery and logistics to ensure that the raw materials are grown as always, in a well-tended and fertile environment, respecting the time needed, unrushed and with the sole aim of providing customers and consumers with a product that has all its properties: quality, freshness and taste. Grupo Alsur’s Expansion.

Facilities in Spain

Founded in 1988 with subsequent extensions and technological improvements in the 90s and 00s. A vast plantation and factory that specialises in producing broad beans and cauliflowers as fresh produce and green beans and vegetable mixes as frozen products.

Facilities in Peru
(Cusco and Arequipa)

In 2005, the wish to expand our product catalogue led us to expand to other countries by growing our ownartichoke plantations, in different areas in Peru, as its soil is excellent to grow this plant.