freshness and taste

Our raison d’être is bringing top-quality food to the consumer and becoming global leaders in nutrition, committed to innovation, sustainability and competitiveness.

Our respect for crop seasons and maintenance is one of our sustainable commitments to protect the environment.

Product innovation

At Grupo Alsur, we know that listening to our customers is the key to developing products that meet their needs. That’s why we focus on generating innovative ideas and products that add unique value.

This is the case of our artichoke trays, which combine the freshness and flavour of artichokes with the convenience and practicality that our consumers are looking for.

Manufacturing process innovation

Manufacturing process innovation

Grupo Alsur has introduced a new line of organic artichokes, reaffirming our commitment to the well-being of our consumers as well as to sustainable agriculture.

Modification of continuous work lines

More continuous lines have been created to avoid rework and work involving unnecessary physical wear and tear.

Operator performance appraisal

Staff already identified in their work receive continuous feedback on their daily record.

Implementation of visual control systems in factory processes. Power BI and Andon Dashboard

Visual alerts during the process so that operators, control managers and supervisors can address and correct them immediately.

Purchase of equipment

With the aim of improving work efficiency and increasing capacity, as well as innovating in products and processes.


to sustainability

We seek to offer the highest quality products, with the best production processes, certified by the International Food Standard and ISO 9001. Our products offer the maximum nutritional value and minimum environmental impact, without renouncing the pleasure and taste that characterise us.

Our certificates endorse us.